Twittastic Beta

Desktop Twitter client with handy file sharing tools


  • Clear, easy-to-use interface
  • Checks for updates automatically
  • Includes interesting extra tools to share images and other files


  • The graphics menu doesn't work properly
  • No support for multiple accounts


The web interface is not always the best way to update your Twitter. You need to open a new browser tab, load up the Twitter website, log in with your credentials and then write your tweet. Way too many steps for such a short message.

With Twittastic you can avoid all these extra clicks and dramatically improve your Twitter experience. This Twitter client enables you to update your personal profile – and also follow what you're friends are up to – all from the comfort of your desktop.

Twittastic features a clear, minimalist design and includes a few extra tools I found particularly interesting. You can, for example, take a screenshot and share it on Twitter straight away – the program takes care of uploading the file to Twitpic and pasting the correspondent link on the text field. The same process can be applied to photos, webcam snapshots and any other file on your computer.

Another fun feature is the ability to flip your text so that it's totally upside down. Not very useful, I know, but totally confusing for your followers. Twittastic also includes a special menu to insert small graphics in your tweets, though unfortunately it doesn't seem to work properly. Another drawback to Twittastic is that it only supports one account.

Twittastic is a comfortable desktop Twitter client that enables you to send tweets and follow your friends' updates, and also features other interesting extra tools.



Twittastic Beta

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